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Between Kottayam and the eastern frontiers of Kerala State at Kumily, a distance of more than 70 miles, there was no hospital of a first grade standard with modern facilities to cater for the needs of a very large and vigorously expanding population. This population consists in the main of the small agriculturalists, the labouring class, the lesser income groups, the poor and the helpless.

The Mundakayam Medical Trust was formed at a meeting of the community of Mundakayam of 3rd July 1960 at which the Board of Trustees and Office Bearers were elected. Mr. K.L. Kershaw was the founder Chairman and Mr. Jose A. Kallivayalil, Mr. K. J. Joseph, Mr. A.V. John and Mr. M.K. George were the Board Members. Mr. Michael a Kallivayalil and Mr. George John Ancheril were elected as the Joint Secretaries and Treasures of the Trust. The services of the Trust were entirely honorary and voluntarily for the common good. 12 acres of land was donated by the T. R. & T. Company at 35th mile, Mundakayam.

The first official act of the Board of Trustees was to constitute the Trust, under a Trust Deed, as a charitable Institution to be financed entirely by voluntary donations for the benefit of the public as a whole and for the relief of the sick and the suffering irrespective of class or caste or creed or any other distinction whatsoever.

On 4th January a "Sramadhan" was held on site to inaugurate the building work. Some 1500 people attended to offer their voluntary and selfless service in our joint endeavour. The actual structural work on buildings commenced.

On 15th May 1965, the partially completed hospital building was entrusted to the Medical Mission Sisters with two Quarters for the Doctors. On 24th May 1965 the dispensary began to function in one of the quarters and continued the construction work of the hospital building. Miserior donated some of the hospital equipments. On 30th September 1965 the M. M. T. Hospital was inaugurated officially. Staff and sisters used a part of the hospital as their residence. In 1966 the operation theatre and private rooms were completed and the departments of general medicine, surgery, OB & Gyn, and Dental started to function

In 1971, an outpatient clinic was started at Mundakayam town. Mr. M.K. George Payikattu donated the land for this and the building was constructed by the financial assistance of natives who generously contributed. The construction of the Hospital building was completed in 1974. This hospital was rendering free medical care at a concessional rate to the labourers of 27 Estates of High Ranges. A community Health Department was functioning here and it has rendered remarkable service to the common people.

After 34 years of service to the mankind through this institution the Medical Mission Sisters handed over the Hospital to the Diocese of Kanjirappally on 25th June 1999. Under the patronage of Diocese of Kanjirappally, M.M.T. Hospital is continuing its service in the field of Health services.