CT Scan


CT Scan

Computerized Tomography Scan (CT Scan) aides the clinician to diagnose and treat a lot of condition affecting the human body.
Its advantages is the rapid and high resolution imaging of the entire body within few seconds, which is a boon especially for trauma cases, acutely ill patients and children. Another major advantage is the non-invasive imaging of blood vessels of the heart which enable speedy diagnosis of heart disease.

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The department of Radiology is committed to providing enhanced patient care to all its patients. All the patients are treated safely and efficiently so they get the best care.

Our specialties

  1. 32 slice CT which is 96 slices/rotation
  2. 70 CM wide bore with 50 cm FOV and 70 CM HD fov( field kf view)
  3. 3.5 MHU tube
  4. 60% less dose using SAFIRE which is Siemens CT reconstruction software. Our dose savings claim is also approved and validated by FDA
  5. 150 cm scan length which covers Arch of aorta to lower limb

Applications covered include

  1. 2D biopsy
  2. Abdomen Triphasic
  3. All angiographies except coronay
  4. Brain, Thorax, Neck, Renal/Body/Aortogram
  5. Lung HR CT (which is very important for covid screening nowadays)
  6. Rib and spine labeling
  7. Dental Planning
  8. 3D Face Reconstruction
  9. Ligament Segmentation
  10. Colonoscopy
  11. And routine applications which include Neuro, Sinuses/Inner ear, Abdomen, MSK